Financial Management Analysis, Interpretation and Usage of Financial and Accounting Information in Corporate Management szkolenie w języku angielskim

O szkoleniu

2014.03.03 - 2014.03.04 Warsaw

Objectives of the training:
• to explain basic financial terms and concepts in English,
• to show the structure of financial statements and the most important financial ratios,
• to present the procedures for cash budgeting and how to evaluate the additional funds needed amount,
• to depict the techniques of managerial accounting and controlling,
• to explain basic investment appraisal methods.
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Financial managers, employees involved in finance departments, accountants, controllers, managers at all levels in organizational hierarchy, all interested in the subject.

Program szkolenia

1. Financial Terms and Concepts in Corporate Management:
a) fundamental financial terms and cost concepts – how to recognize variable and fixed costs, direct cost and overhands etc,
b) financial accounting versus management accounting and controlling – the basic differences and practical consequences,
c) elements of financial statement (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement),
d) interrelationships among different elements of financial statement.

2. Financial Analysis:
a) understanding Balance Sheet and Income Statement,
b) computing and Analyzing Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) ,
c) financial ratios (leverage ratios, liquidity ratios, efficiency ratios & profitability ratios),
d) measuring and Analyzing Cash Flows,
e) the DuPont System as a comprehensive tool for investigating the reasons of financial situations,
f) financial planning – formula to compute Additional Funds Needed (AFN) to develop business,
g) cash budgeting,
h) cash conversion cycle and net working capital management,
i) operating and Financial Planning.

3. The use of accounting information and controlling in management support:
a) cost assignment – how to assign overheads to products and services (blanket plant-wide approach vs. departmental approach),
b) product costing – how to establish unit product cost (job-order costing vs. process costing),
c) variable and absorption costing – how to prepare profit and loss account statement according to legal requirements and for controlling purposes,
d) cost-volume profit analysis – how to calculate break-even point and margin of safety,
e) operating leverage and Financial leverage,
f) activity-Based Costing and Management (ABC/M),
g) accounting Information in Short-term Decision Making Process,
h) external Pricing and Transfer Pricing.

4. Investment Appraisal and Management:
a) time value of money – the impact of time on the value of money ,
b) different criteria used for investment appraisal (Net present value, Internal rate of return, Payback period, Book rate of return, Profitability index),
c) risk analysis and investment appraisal,
d) using net present value to make value-creating investment decision,
e) identifying end estimating a project’s Cash flow,
f) estimating the cost of capital,
g) value-based management,
h) economic Value Added (EVA) and Market Value Added (MVA).

Czas trwania

Day 1: between 10.00 and 16.45
Day 2: between 10.00 and 15.45


artlomiej Nita holds his Ph.D. in economics and financial management and works as an associate professor in the Institute of Accounting in the Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance at the Wroclaw University of Economics. He also studied finance and accounting at the University of Limerick in Ireland. He co-operates with a consulting firm, where he delivers advisory services for various companies and institutions. He is the author of many economic studies and restructuring programs for enterprises and institutions as well as he deals with corporate valuations for the purposes of ownership transformation and the Economic Court. In practice, he designs systems of controlling, accounting and financial management. He is also a business coach, and as a trainer explains complex issues in a clear and understandable manner with passion and commitment. In order to enhance his training competences he graduated from the School of Tutors. He delivered training programs for several Polish and foreign businesses, including Polish Telecommunication, Metsa Tissue, Axel Springer, Latex, POCH Polish Chemical Reagents, Martifer. He is also the lecturer at Executive MBA Program in Poland (Warsaw Business School) and abroad. He published more than 100 scientific academic papers and several books.

Gdzie i kiedy

Warszawa 3-4 marzec 2014
city centers

02-672 Warszawa

ul. Domaniewska 39A

woj. mazowieckie


Cena 1
Course fee: - for one participant 1590 PLN + 23% VAT, - for two or more participants from one company 1490 PLN per person + 23% VAT.
1 590
Cena zawiera:
  • participation in classes, copyright course materials, coffee breaks, lunch, certificate.
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