Stress Management, Emotional Management and Counteracting Burnout

O szkoleniu

You will:

learn how to effectively manage stress in the long term,
increase control over emotions,
understand stress mechanism and effects of cumulative stress,
combat pressure in your professional life,
mobilize your own potential in the battle against stress,
increase your mental resilience and effectiveness.
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Program szkolenia

  1. Introduction to the training subject: 
    • The essence of stress - what is stress?
    • Can you take a rest from stress?
    • Stress in numbers - where are we heading to?
    • Do not provoke stress! 
    • What can we learn from zebras?
  2. Stress as a factor destroying the physical and mental balance:
    • Four zones of consciousness:
    • A model: The behavioural and cognitive "Kaiser roll"
    • Eustress and distress; the level of stress and the effectiveness of functioning,
    • The mechanism of stress creation and the principle of a disaster.
  3. Individual style of functioning under stress: 
    • Symptoms and "warnings" - stress consequences,
    • My thoughts and stress:
      • A monologue and internal critic,
      • My personal rights,
      • The effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
    • Looking for strengths of each participant and building self-confidence for work under stress - "my power" exercise.
    • Personality characteristics and stress, a self-analysis of three approaches towards stress,
    • Our area of freedom,
    • My strategy for dealing with stress. 
  4. Behaviour and emotions as a response to stress:
    • Constructive and non-constructive responses,
    • Awareness of one's emotions in a difficult situation,
    • The red light technique.
    • Techniques of emotions integration,
    • Working with anger - the strongest emotion,
    • Small steps philosophy and change of perspective.
  5. Techniques for reducing stress tension:
    • "Saw sharpening" exercise in counteracting stress,
    • "Fast sticking plasters" exercise - short-term methods for reducing stress tension at work,
    • "Office activity" exercise - techniques for stress relieve using muscles,
    • "Change of thoughts" exercise,
    • Breath acceleration technique - immediate stress reduction,
    • Connected breath - a technique of everyday mental and physical integration and regeneration,
    • Practical advice on how to deal with stress at work when you have 10 seconds, 30 seconds and several minutes.
  6. Introduction to job burnout:
    • Factors putting off the burnout problem,
    • Burnout mental and physical symptoms, or how to recognize a burnout person?
    • What characteristics of an organisation are conducive to their employees burnout?
    • Long term methods for dealing with stress - a lifestyle and change of habits.
  7. Work-life balance - what is it, and why those who maintain the balance are more successful in their professional careers and enjoy their lives more?
  8. A relaxation training:
    • Breath work,
    • Visualisation,
    • Jacobson's muscular relaxation technique,
    • Autogenic training. 
  9. Dealing with time-stressed situations:
    • How to deal with multitasking and working under time pressure - a case study.
  10. Mental resilience:
    • How resilient are we?
    • Strategies and tools for mental resilience development.
  11. Summary of the entire training.
    • "Bridge to the future" technique - how can I use my new skills in everyday work?
    • My stress strategy - developing an individual action plan counteracting stress. 
    • My mental resilience development strategy.

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Trener HIGH5 Training Group

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Warszawa 29-30 listopad 2022
High5 Training Centre

00-870 Warszawa

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HIGH5 Training Group
00-870 Warszawa
ul. Wronia 45/129
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